The End Of Civilization And Human Kind

Kurt Saxon is the author of “The Poor Man’s James Bond”, which is a series of books focusing on the subject of improvised weapons and ammunition. This author is part of the survivalist movement or current and many people refer to him as a survivalist. Kurt Saxon’s real name is Donald Eugene Sisco and he was born in 1932. Since he was in his thirties when the survivalism became very popular in the U.S. on account of the dangers posed by the Cold War, it is no wander that he became a survivalist. However, survivalism was not his first choice and not his only one either. In the 1960s, Saxon became involved with the American Nazi Party, with the Scientology Church and also with the Church of Satan. It appears that he was very interested in various political and religious ideas. In the summer of 1970 he was investigated by a Senate commission because according to several newspapers accounts he encouraged police forces and the concerned citizens to just wipe out the leftists and he had also recommended authorities to machine-gun students’ demonstrations in the streets.

Saxon now considers the modern society to be the equivalent of a sort of an amusement park for dummies and he believes that the civilization is doomed to come to an end. Therefore, he believes that spreading survivalism through books and any other means is actually his mission, because humans are the best species of all and they need to learn how to survive in case the collapse really occurs.

In the light of recent natural disasters that occurred not only in the U.S. but also in other countries from different parts of the world and because the global political situation is quite tense and has been so for a while, survivalism has known a real revival. Many people are afraid of terrorist attacks and of natural disasters. What happened in Japan in 2011 is, according to survivalists, relevant to what could happen anywhere in the world.