You might have heard of Kurt Saxon, but what you might not know is that his real name is Donald Eugene Sisco. He is known as a survivalist and as the author of a series of books about improvising weapons and ammunition, called “The Poor Man’s James Bond”.

Also, many people do not know that in his youth, Saxon was part of many political organizations and religious ones as well. He joined the Church of Scientology, then the Church of Satan and he was even part of the American Nazi party. In the summer of 1970 Kurt Saxon was heard by a Senate investigations committee for accusations of being involved in bombing and terrorism. The press said that he had suggested to the concerned citizens and to the police forces that they use bombs to get rid of leftists and even said that in his opinion, students’ demonstrations should be machine gunned.

He became very interested in survival-ism , which, according to him is a doctrine concerned with developing surviving techniques and strategies in case the society collapses and the world comes to an end and also n case of any major disaster occurring. Decades later, in the 1990, Saxon had a radio station program named WRNO in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also published “The Militant’s Formulary” under his real name before he had it changes to Kurt Saxon. Then he published the Poor Man’s James Bond series and Granddad’s Wonderful Book of Chemistry.

Despite his having been involved in several religious groups, Saxon announced that he is a supporter of abortion and an atheist. Atheism is basically the rejection of the idea that there is any god at all. Although in western culture atheists are believed to be completely nonspiritual, the fact of the matter is that there are several religions that incorporate or that can incorporate atheism, in the sense that adepts are not required to believe in any god. Buddhism and Hinduism are such examples. Many atheists prefer to be referred to as non-religious.