Kurt Saxon DVD

Many of you may be fascinated by survival-ism, because you’ve heard of it and it sounded interesting. Here’s some useful information on survival-ism and Kurt Saxon , one of the best known survivalists. This information will help you understand the concept better and is followed by several links where you can order survival-ism-related DVDs.

Survivalism is actually a movement. People who share this philosophy are called preppers or survivalists and they are constantly preparing for possible disruptions of social and political order as we know it. They get involved in programs that offer them emergency medical training, they learn how to stock water and food, they also attend self-defense programs and are preoccupied with self sufficiency. Often enough they learn how to build shelters that are aimed at helping them survive or make a disappearance. These are called survival retreats or survival shelters.

These disasters can be natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters that have been seen before on account of climate changes; also a disaster could be caused by human activities by means of chemical attacks or nuclear bombs; moreover, they get prepared for collapse of society in case the planet runs out of food and water, of electricity or other necessary things to survive; last but not least, survivalists get ready for an economic collapse too and for pandemics that are likely to be able to wipe out mankind from the surface of the earth.

Kurt Saxon is one of the best known survivalists: he wrote many books that you may be familiar with such as the series entitled ”The Poor Man’s James Bond”. He spent his youth experimenting with many movements and religions but now he declares himself an atheist and he is focused on survival-ism.
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