The Essential Survival Kit

Preparedness for disaster mainly deals with tips for surviving in case of of a disaster of major proportions. The survivalist will encourage anyone to be prepared to live without electricity, telephone services, clean water, food, heating, fuels, transportation or access to medications. Everyone in the family should be considered when preparing a survival kit, including pets, and the kit’s supplies should last that family at least three days to allow for help to arrive.

The term survivalist was coined by Kurt Saxon back in the 1970’s, when he embarked in the publication of a monthly newsletter called The Survivor. In it, he calls Western civilization a ‘Disneyland for Dummies’ and anticipated its complete collapse. He also believes that after such collapse, religious values and political views would be utterly useless, and that only those who are well prepared would survive.

Although survivalism is a controversial issue, it has a very pragmatic side in that it prepares people for difficult times ahead no matter what. Many in the city of New Orleans wished that they had read practical survivalist literature and prepared for an event of the proportions of hurricane Katrina.

What should a survival kit contain? First and foremost, they should all include 1 gallon of drinking water per day per person. A human being can only survive without water for 3 to 4 days maximum. On the other hand, he/she can go without food for weeks. The kit should contain food that stays fresh at room temperatures, such as canned and dried goods. Eating utensils should be included, as well as toiletries, alcohol, antibiotics, bandages, thermometer, scissors, hunting knife, aspirin, spoons, anti-diarrheal meds, can opener, flashlights, radio with batteries, matches or lighter, important documents, such as drivers license and passport, pet food, pen or pencil, blankets, sleeping bags, a change of clothes, raincoats and maps of the locality.

Prevention is the best policy to face the unexpected, and a survival kit is a step in that direction.

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