Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript Page 2

Page 2 of Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript

Now the first pamphlet, the Militants’ Formulary, how many of those were
printed ?

Mr. Sisco. 500 were printed. Here is the letter
from the individual who printed them. He printed 531. He sent me 500. Here
is his bill for the job.

The CHAIRMAN. So, altogether there are something around
2,000 or a little less of all your publications that have been published.
That includes both; is that correct ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. I have no way of knowing what happened
to the first thousand. You have no way of knowing how many were distributed?

Mr. Sisco. That is right.

The CHAIRMAN. This small pamphlet, the Militants’ Formulary,
is identified, I believe, as published by the Sturmstrup Press, Post Office
Box 9011, Phoenix, Ariz.

Mr. Sisco. Yes, sir.

The CHAIRMAN. Is that the mailing address of the Arizona
branch of the American Nazi Party ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes; it is, but this was not party business.
This was simply a printing job.

The CHAIRMAN. This is just a printing job ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. If you will look at that letter,
you will see. It had nothing to do with the party.

The CHAIRMAN. The Nazi Party maintains a printing shop
at that address?

Mr. Sisco. Not the party. It is a separate place.

The CHAIRMAN. Why would it have this mailing address there

Mr. Sisco. That is evidently the mailing address
he uses for all of his little deals he’s got going.

The CHAIRMAN. I believe the Nazi Party’s publication is
“Attack,” is it not ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. Well, the Arizona one is. The Arlington
one is “White Power.”

The CHAIRMAN. I have a copy of “Attack.” It shows the
official newsletter of American Nazi Party, P.O. Box 9011, Phoenix, Ariz.
You recognize that ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes.

The CHAIRMAN. So, the fact that it is published there—the
printing is there—is in no way connected, you say, or related in any way
to the Nazi Party ?

Mr. Sisco. No, sir. It was a cash deal.

The CHAIRMAN. It is purely your own product, your own

Mr. Sisco. Yes.

The CHAIRMAN. You just had it—

Mr. Sisco. Well, he was a cheaper printer and he
would do it on credit.

The CHAIRMAN. Well, that is some advantage.

Mr. Sisco. Sir?

The CHAIRMAN. That was some advantage.

Mr. Sisco. Definitely; yes. I am not prejudiced
by a man’s race, creed, or color. I don’t care as long as he does a cheap
printing job.

The CHAIRMAN. That is the way you felt about publishing
this information on how to make bombs?

Mr. Sisco. Well, I took the information from more
prominent publications. I have several examples of that that I will be
glad to show you Have you ever seen this one, “Explosives and Bomb Disposal

The CHAIRMAN. I am not sure.

Mr. Sisco. Now, that is a beauty. It leaves absolutely
nothing to the imagination. In fact, I have the pages flipped over there
and you can riffle through it; you can see how to wire a car so that it
will explode. I first got that book out of the San Francisco Library in
1967. Since then, I found that it is sold in every bookstore that sells
law books or books on police science.

The CHAIRMAN. Would you say that the information contained
in your pamphlets, either of them, is no more thorough and complete than
the information contained—

Mr. Sisco. Hardly, sir. You just have to riffle
through to see.

The CHAIRMAN. I know, but I am asking you.

Mr. Sisco. That is right.

The CHAIRMAN. You would say that this book emphasizes
it as thoroughly and as accurately or more so than the pamphlets that you
have put out ?

Mr. Sisco. Well, I like to say mine is a better

The CHAIRMAN. Yours is a little better than Lenz’s Bomb
Disposal Guide?

Mr. Sisco. I think so; yes. That’s easier to market
and you can order it through any retail bookstore.

The CHAIRMAN. I am just questioning you about the availability.
That is one of the purposes we have—to show how available they are.

Mr. Sisco. Yes, sir; that was one of my purposes.

The CHAIRMAN. Do you know who runs the print shop there
at the Nazi address where you had this printed?

Mr. Sisco. Mike Murray.

The CHAIRMAN. Mike who ?

Mr. Sisco. Mike Murray. His name is on the letter

The CHAIRMAN. Mike Murray ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes, sir. .

The CHAIRMAN. Are you an official or member of the American
Nazi Party?

Mr. Sisco. No; not in any way.

The CHAIRMAN. Do you know what position Murray holds in
the party ? M. J. Murray, I believe is his name.

Mr. Sisco. He says he is the leader of the American
Nazi Party which, of course, is in competition with the Arlington party.

The CHAIRMAN. The American Nazi Party has two wings ?

Mr. Sisco. I don’t know what they would call them.
They call each other a lot of names.

The CHAIRMAN. Wing would be a very charitable terminology,
would it?

Mr. Sisco. That is charitable; yes.

Senator GURNEY. Is one of these wings the left wing ?

Mr. Sisco. NO; they are definitely far right. In
fact, they are fanatics about being as far right as they can. It is class.

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