Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript Page 5

Page 5 of Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript

maybe the person who put that out may think some militant nut can go in
the law store and buy from them.

Senator PERCY. I know, but the rationale for your activities
is not made fully valid by pointing out that someone else also does it.
You can point out almost anything that someone else is doing and that does
not justify your doing it.

I am trying to determine what your motivation is. I take
it you have had time on your hands. How long has it been since you have
been employed by someone else ?

Mr. Sisco. About April of last year.

Senator PERCY. You have not been employed since then other
than this activity ?

Mr. Sisco. That is right.

Senator PERCY. What are your intentions for the future,
if I might ask?

Mr. Sisco. Well, I might get a job with the welfare

Senator PERCY. You what ?

Mr. Sisco. Probably after this, no. But at least
I am in with them. I took the examination.

Senator PERCY. Are you doing anything else now besides
engaging in the distribution of these publications ?

Mr. Sisco. Well, I am not even doing that. I don’t
have them advertised anywhere.

Senator PERCY. You don’t have them advertised anywhere?

Mr. Sisco. No.

Senator PERCY. In the March 15, 197O, edition of Shotgun
News, did you advertise the “Militant’s Formulary” ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. But they canceled any further advertisements.

Senator PERCY. Going back to Mr. Kulak, Mr. Kulak is presumably
responsible also for several explosions in South Chicago, including Goldblatts
Department Store, in which several persons were killed. Knowing that now
the material you are distributing gets into these kinds of hands, has it
caused you to reassess whether or not you should continue in this activity?

Mr. Sisco. It has made me more determined, I think,
that more officials should know how easy it is for an individual to cause
all sorts of destruction around himself. Unless it is pointed out plainly
so that you can understand.

For instance, I write a book and say such-and-such
a thing can be done and you being an intelligent person, maybe it does
not occur to you exactly how it can be done. So, you don’t figure your
enemy can do it. But if I make it so clear that you can imagine yourself
making a bomb, then you can imagine your enemy making a bomb and you might
do something then to stop it.

Senator PERCY. In others words, if you give an instruction
booklet on how easy it is to kill a person through arson, your purpose,
as you would interpret it then, would be to show police officers how easy
it would be, not how to instruct someone to carry out that act ?

Mr. Sisco. That is the long-range idea.

Senator PERCY. Isn’t that, comparable? Isn’t that the
same rationale you are using?

Mr. Sisco. It might be but I maintain that these
bomb books and the information on making bombs are so prevalent that you
can’t stop it. You can’t even begin to stop it.

For instance, in the Monday, March 16, 1970, issue
of the San Francisco Chronicle, which has about a million distributorship,
they have here the “Jar of Death,” showing exactly how to make a bomb.
They have an article telling exactly how to get the stuff for it.

Here they have a “people’s grenade,” telling how
to put black powder in test tubes and put ceramic clay around it and put
stones in it and insert the fuse. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

Here is a newspaper, and here it is. So, I put out
my book and everybody jumps all over me but these people here can do it,
and it does not seem too reasonable to me. I maintain if you have a certain
class of people in the country like this Kulak who was a former mental
patient, I would never have let the guy out. In fact, I might have put
him to sleep but that is beside the point.

Anyway, you have all these grizzled mediocrities
all over the country telling how they are going to destroy the country;
they are the ones you should pick up and put under preventive custody,
if not worse.

Now, I have several publications that they put out
that leaves—here is one, the Berkeley Barb; it shows the Capitol Building

The CHAIRMAN. If you will submit those publications to
the committee, I will be glad to receive them and have them marked as exhibits,
if you don’t want to keep them.

Mr. Sisco. You could not send them back to me? Oh,
well, I can get other copies.

The CHAIRMAN. Let them be received and marked exhibit
842. ,

(The documents referred to were marked “Exhibit Nos. 842A-842C”for
reference and may be found in the files of the subcommittee.)

Mr. Sisco. As I repeat, I think it is too late to
stop the bomb books. This one put out by the Army which has basically the
same stuff that is in my “Formulary.” It is time now that you start getting
rid of these people who are openly boasting about how they are going to
pull the Government down.

Senator PERCY. Mr. Sisco, have you or your organization
supplied Dr. James Warner, also known as the Sons of Liberty, Hollywood,
Calif., with the U.S. training manual, TM-31-200-1?

Mr. Sisco. No; I haven’t. This is the one you are
talking about. This was sent to me by a bookshop.

Senator PERCY. Where did you get that book ?

Mr. Sisco. It was sent to me by a bookshop in Oakland.
She sold 20 copies of my “Formulary.”

Senator PERCY. Do you know James Wanner ?

Mr. Sisco. I certainly do. I have known him for

Senator PERCY. What is your relationship with him ?

Mr. Sisco. None whatever.

Senator PERCY. Could you describe in what way you know
him, how you met him, and what your relationship is with him ?

Mr. Sisco. I am a rightwinger by politics. So is
he. We have known each other for years. I haven’t seen him for over a year.

Senator PERCY. Do you pay any attention as to who may
write is requesting your publications ?

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