Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript Page 6

Page 6 of Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript

Mr. Sisco. Not really, because they come in—well,
the great bulk of them came through the Shotgun News. They are simply gun
buffs. A lot of officers did write in.

Senator PERCY. Do you have a list of your customers ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. There are no organizations. It is
not like a klan or something like that list.

The CHAIRMAN. You may submit a list of them. Let the list
be received as exhibit 843.

(The document referred to was marked “Exhibit No. 843”
for reference and may be found in the files of the subcommittee.)

Senator PERCY. What is your relationship to the Sturmstrup
Press, Post Office Box 9011, Phoenix, Ariz.?

Mr. Sisco. Purely business.

Senator PERCY. They print for you, do they ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes.

Senator PERCY. How did you get acquainted with them ?

Mr. Sisco. Well, just through the rightwing. Murray
is a Nazi and I know lots of Nazis and Minutemen.

Senator PERCY. Do they do a lot of printing for the militant

Mr. Sisco. I don’t think so. He doesn’t have that
big an operation.

Senator PERCY. You maintain that you, yourself, have never
been associated as a member of a militant rightwing ?

Mr. Sisco. Oh, I was a storm trooper about a year.
I was also in the Minutemen and the Birch Society. But I haven’t been in
politics for the last 3 years.

Senator PERCY. Are you maintaining before this committee,
then, that your interest in what you are now doing is strictly a commercial
interest and a pastime?

Mr. Sisco. Yes; definitely.

Senator PERCY. It has no ideological—

Mr. Sisco. That is right.

Senator PERCY (continuing). Interest whatsoever?

Mr. Sisco. That is right.

Senator PERCY. You have no concern but you maintain neutrality
as to whether or not your information gets into the hands of people who
will try to wreck society by bringing lawlessness and anarchy ?

Mr. Sisco. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.
I wouldn’t mind whether every rightwinger in the country had a book of
mine. I would not want the left to have it.

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