Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript Page 7

Page 7 of Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript

Senator PERCY. In other words, you are interested
in making certain, you try to get them into what you might call the right
hands ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes. I wanted first—now, people can make
a lot of what you said and it is not quite accurate, but I wanted to see
who is buying them.

Senator PERCY. I was paraphrasing what you said. You would
like to get your publications in the hands of every rightwing organization

Mr. Sisco. Yes; but liking to and being able to
is another matter. So, I am just stopping it. It is not worth the trouble.
I wanted to see who would advertise and if I got an advertisement in their
publication, who would buy.

I tried the Free Press. That is a completely
vile place. They sent me a love letter saying they didn’t advertise bombs
and killing stuff but they advocate it through all of their articles.

Then I put an ad in the Berkeley Barb for
4 weeks. The first week it was advertised for $2.50.
I did not get one order. The next 3 weeks I
don’t think—well, I didn’t have it coded in any way so it could have
been—but I don’t think I got more than five orders
from the Berkeley Barb.

I was told by militants I know, on the left,
that I should have put it in the Berkeley Tribe because
they do buy things like that. Since I don’t care to
have it in the left anyway, I did not advertise in the Tribe I
just wanted to make a spot sampling of who did what.

Senator PERCY. So, you do have quite an ideological
interest, then, into where this goes ?

Mr. Sisco. The thing is that the leftists
are trying to pull down the country.
If they succeed then the rightists will destroy the leftists. But
the rightists aren’t going to do anything until the leftists have the
Government down. By that time, there won’t be any laws to

Senator PERCY. We have testimony before this committee
that the initial bombings and the wave of bombings
that have been going on are really started by the
Minutemen on the right.

What was the intention and purpose of the Minutemen
in starting bombings ? What were they trying to accomplish
by those bombings ?’

Mr. Sisco. I was a member about 1965. I only
knew a few Minutemen and I dropped out after about 6 months paying dues
and getting nothing for it. Since then—well,
I take just about anything about the Minutemen
with a grain of salt because I think they are, well, a paper organization.
All these stories about Minutemen. I think they put the label
“Minutemen” to give it a sensational thing and sell more papers.
But my experience with Minutemen has been they are sort of
lonely types, psychotic.

Senator PERCY. If you would like to see this information
on how to make explosives get into the rightwing,
what is it you would like to see them explode? What
are they trying to blow up and what are they trying
to prove by doing this? What are they trying to accomplish?

Mr. Sisco. Actually, the rightists do more sitting
and waiting because the police get between us and the leftists. So, until
the leftists get rid of the police,
we can’t effectively get at the leftists, so we are just
waiting and squirreling away things. Of course, most of the rightists
squirrel away guns.

Senator PERCY. Of course, the purpose is to try to terrorize
and, you might say, intimidate, but maybe you would
say reform, the far left ?

Mr. Sisco. No, sir; destroy it.

Senator PERCY. You think the far left is a dangerous element
in American society ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes.

Senator PERCY. You feel that law enforcement is not effective
in dealing with it; is that right ?

Mr. Sisco. I feel that it is not effective. In fact,
an article in this latest magazine shows
that it is not effective. It shows how—now, this is
the August 3 edition of U.S. News and World Report. It tells how
during these 15 months Mr. Hickel noted so-and-so, 4,330

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