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Page 8 of Kurt’s 1970 Senate Transcript

and incendiary bombs which killed 40 and injured
384 citizens and which caused property damage estimated at almost $23 million.
Evidently the police weren’t able to do much about that.

Senator PERCY. You are assuming that all of those bombings
were on the left?

Mr. Sisco. Well, I would say about 90 percent. In
fact, it gives the breakdown here: Black extremists, 19 percent; white
extremists, 14 percent. I should suppose they would be rightists.

Activities in aid of criminal pursuit, 8 percent;
labor dispute, 2 percent; religious difficulties, I percent. And campus
disturbances and student unrest, 56 percent. That is more or less a breakdown.

So, I don’t think 14 percent of white fanatics is
enough to divert your attention from this 56 percent of scum on your campuses.

Senator PERCY. So, the purpose really of their putting
explosives and instruments of destruction in the hands of the right would
be either to protect itself against the left or, because of the ineffectiveness
of law enforcement officials, to find a way to deal with the left in an
effective, explosive manner, you might say.

Mr. Sisco. Yes. The idea is to utterly destroy the
left after they destroy the Government. I don’t much like that prospect
because when the Government goes my way of life goes and I am sort of used
to getting around. Let me take vou back a while.

During the President’s inauguration, I watched it
on TV, and across the street from the box—well, across the street from
one point, there was this mob of scum and a bunch of them were up in a
tree and they had this American flag with the so-called peace symbol written
where the stars are, which is a desecration.

They had—it must have been 150 of them—and they
were there to protest President Nixon.

So, well, they put a lot of soldiers around them
but before that there were some policemen around them and one rightious
man, he went in there and clubbed several of them. Evidently they ordered
him to stop.

Then they put soldiers around them and then as the
President moved up in his limousine the scum started throwing things and
they could have just as easily thrown hand grenades. One of the missiles
knocked a soldier to the ground and they still did not attack those idiots.
They should have machinegunned them all.

The President’s limousine came. It not only had
to speed up but it had to swerve out of its path because of all the missiles.

Now, if the Government is so weak that it is going
to let the President be physically endangered by some scum you would not
have imagined 20 years ago, they would have dragged them all in for vagrancy
and probably killed them for trying to escape, or something.

Senator PERCY. How do you feel about the Kent College
shooting? Do you feel that a trial should be held as is called for now,
the soldiers who fired the shots ?

Mr. Sisco. I think they should all be given medals
and a lot more target practice.

Now, the thing with that is the soldiers were no
older than the students and these were National Guardsmen and I think they
got 2 days a month to train and why you are going to put one bunch of young
men armed and another bunch of young creeps spitting at them and throwing
things and not expect any violence, that is beyond me.

I don’t think their commander could have done a
thing. I think they were perfectly justified and I am sorry they only killed

Now, in Mexico, when the Mexican students were rioting
and causing or threatening to disrupt the Olympics, the Mexican police
mounted machineguns on the streets and wiped out about a hundred of them.
After that, there were no more college troubles.

If you are interested in saving the lives of these
morons, the best thing to do would be to make a good example of a couple
of hundred and that would stop the whole thing from then on. They might
be more interested in education after that.

Senator PERCY. Obviously you feel that the far left is
wrecking the country.

Are your feelings so strong and your feelings of the ineffectiveness
of law enforcement officials so great that you would really advocate in
your own terms for the good of the country taking the law in your own hands
to advance the interests of the right ?

Mr. Sisco. No; not at all. I
contend that the left wing are so subverting the Nation’s strength that—well,
for instance, my brother is a deputy sheriff. He told me in his department
alone they were lacking 72 men and less people signing up to be police.
The law enforcement agencies of the country are being so eroded and emasculated
by the liberal courts that people are just giving up.

So, by the time the police aren’t able to control
the situation at all, then there will be no law. At that time, I think
taking the law into one’s own hands will be perfectly justifiable in the
same sense as the frontier and the Indians; when you had no troopers, you
had to defend yourself. Finally it wound up almost exterminating the Indians,
and I think the leftists will in turn be treated like the Indians.

Senator PERCY. It is very interesting that we had such
condemnation yesterday in testimony here of the police in Chicago for being
ineffective and I would presume the person testifying would be considered
somewhat to the left of center. You, of course, would be considered somewhat
to the right of center and are testifying that you feel that law enforcement
measures are ineffective in this country now and you feel just as they
do about it.

Mr. Sisco. I don’t say now. I say they are becoming
less effective all the time. If
the soldiers and the police and the National Guard could not keep the President
from having to swerve and speed up, then how is the average person protected?
I think this promotes anxieties in any person.

The CHAIRMAN. In other words, do you feel if this trend
continues that groups on the right are going to have to be prepared to
take the law into their own hands ?

Mr. Sisco. Yes; definitely.

Senator PERCY. To keep the law in their own hands.

Mr. Sisco. You keep saying that.
I say, when there is no law, then the man with the
gun and bomb will be the law.

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