Survivialism Theory

Survivalism is a choice that many people make when it comes to thinking about the future of the planet. Survivalists think that any time soon a global accident like nuclear war or a natural disaster will hit the planet and they need to make sure that they have all the provisions necessary in order to survive in the new post-apocalyptic world.

People who live in rural areas are the ones most susceptible of adopting survivialism theory. They have started building underground bunkers in order to protect themselves from any bombing or aerial attack that may come. People who think of themselves as survivalists have also begun to store food, water and building materials. Most of these individuals also believe that the world could end due to a pandemic or a shortage of food and water. In addition to supplying themselves with basic resources, they also store medications and pills.

In the end, this choice of being a survivalist is a personal one, but if it were to be adopted by huge masses of people all around the world it could lead to an actual shortage of products available for daily consume, thus creating a real emergency crisis. People have the freedom and liberty to believe in anything they want and do whatever, as long as their actions don’t affect others. Still, storing massive supplies of products for future years can lead to a social conflict with the community and law enforcement agencies.