Survivalism And Weapons

Survivalism is a movement of people who are permanently preparing themselves to confront any kind of menace, social crisis or disaster. It’s about training on what to do in worst case scenarios and limit situations. Extreme survivalists believe that civilization will collapse soon, and that we will all have to kill or die.

Weapons can make a big difference when fighting for your life. They give an advantage that your muscles will never have. Specially fire arms. In an apocalyptic situation, weapons can be the difference between life or death.

Hand to hand combat is very unpredictable and you can always get hurt no matter how much you train. Weapons can give you the advantage of making your first strike, a lethal one. Any serious survivalism must know about weapons and have some in their apocalypse shelf.

Kurt Saxon wrote different books about survivalism and weapons in 70’s and 80’s. He wrote books like

The Poor Man’s James Bond, Fireworks & Explosives Like Granddad Used to Make and Granddad’s Wonderful Book of Chemistry.

In The Poor Man’s James Bond, Saxon give relevant information applicable to modern day survivalism. Much of the content of his book is reprinted information of other sources. The book is divided in four volumes. The first one is about how to blow up a car, make napalm and different kind of poisons. The second one describes how to build “homemade” weapons. The third one is about crime and society, and the forth and last one have more of the same information that the other volumes have.

Still today, there is fascination for survivalism and it have evolved with the society. Now you can find information about homemade guns for real bullets, homemade compressed air guns, explosive recipes and more. With the expansion of internet this kind of information became more available today.